2nd June - Daily Routine

Today was our first real day of work. We translated texts from half past 10 until shortly after four o’‘clock. Helene had to translate a leaflet, where she had to look every second in a dictionary to find the definition of a word. First I had to translate a powerpoint presentation from English to German about a chamber, which worked fine even without a dictionary or internet. After that I had to translate a manual for a agroindustrial vehicle, which brought me far beyond my limits of my english skills. Unfortunately words like “Arretierungskolben“ are not included in the Bavarian English curriculum. Tomorrow we will go on with this work.

Then after work we went to the market and refilled our tomato and bread supplies. After dinner Katja, Stas & Roman came, and we went out for a walk.After visiting a birthday party in the students’’ hostel we went home and played some billiard.

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