Monday, 1st June – The first Internship day

After the weekend the real internalship was getting started. After we narrowly registered at Taganrog, we drove to the „ТАГАНРОГСКАЯ МЕЖРАЙОННАЯ ТОРГОВО-ПРОМЫШЛЕННАЯ ПАЛАТА“ (Taganrog Interregional Chamber of Commerce and Industry). After a short period of waiting, we were introduced to the president Р.А. Амерханов, who was already waiting for us with the vice president. After a short talk we went back to our home, because of the lunch break. After lunch we started for real: The head of the translational department Elena told us everything about the area of operations of the chamber and our next tasks in very close detail. Helene translated for me, but even she had problems with the very difficult commerical russian language.

Since Ludmila Alekseevna already signed us up for an intensive german lesson, a few days ago, we had a shot working day and were collected by Stas at 3:30 pm. Unfortunately only two students showed up, so we did some exercises in a relaxed atmosphere. Later we talked about the attractions of Taganrog. After lessons we walked home, relaxed, wrote our diaries and go to bed now.

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