31th May: Acclimatisation and Helene’s Birthday

After some rest yesterday, we took things slowly today. At 9 am we met Ludmila Alexeevna and went to the market to change money and we went shopping. Tagarog has a big market, with many stands, market halls and small kiosks. After buying most the necessary goods with Ludmila’’s help, we cooked us pasta with tomato – garlic sauce and a tomato – onion salad. At 2 pm Stas (22) came to us. „Stas“ it the short form of Stanislav and he’’s an aspirant for the Economic Faculty of the university. He showed us the harbour and for us the unknown parts of the inner-city. During the trip we met some of his friends, and then reached the urban park we were six: Helene, Stas, Nadja. Kolja, Roman and me. After a short break at home, we met again at Roman’’s and celebrated Helene’’s birthday. He lives in a beautilful house at the hillside with a fantastic seaview. Since we didn’‘t know what was waiting for us tomorrow, we drove back early and let the day fade out slightly.

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