... and this was our reality: May 29 & 30

Although a light traffic jam on the freeway from Ingolstadt to Munich we were on time, but then a message arrived, that our flight is delayed for one hour. Our parents said goodbye already, so we were waiting to check in. But nothing happened as the time went by... Then an Aeroflot worker came, but unfortionally he did not check us in, he distributed meal vouchers, because the flight was delayed by another three hours. Since we had already eaten we passed this offer. Furthermore our booking was changed to the flight SU 124 at 23:20, because the Flight SU 122 was canceled. They ensured us that if our flight would start, we could fly with this one, too. Meanwhile we were also told, that the plane had a material failure and is repaired at Terminal II by the Lufthansa technicians. We went for a walk, then we looked on the screens at 16:50. We noticed that the new departure time was 8 pm. The next few hours we spend sitting in front of the Aeroflot counter, telephoning, reading and writing SMS. At about 18:45 we were told that the replacement for the plane missed its flight, and the next possible departure is at 10 pm, we asked for a voucher, although we were replete. After 45 minutes carefully selecting the best restaurant we decided to eat two ablsolutely overpriced salads, we could barely eat. The fact, that the flight was delayed for another other hour, didnt bother us, we took the 100% safe flight at 23:20.

Ten hours and 15 minutes later as originally planned.

The flight itself went allright and and quickly, aswell the passport control and fetching the suitcases. The fact that Helene’’s Uncle picked us up and drove us to the national terminal was good for the mood.

After a very “short” waiting time of 3,5 hours, we checked in to the flight SU 607 to Rostov. Or rather we tried. Since we had so called eTickets something went wrong with the communication between Munich and Moscow according the rebooking, so the woman at the counter couldnt hand us out our boardcard. We needed 3 more officials and one higher ranked representant of the airline at computer and at the same time to get our half handwritten tickets. Such a fascinating sight is you wont get often!

For the rest of the day we didn’‘t do much: We drove in 80 minutes from Rostov to Taganrog, then we unpacked and set up the infrastructure of our house (stove, warm water, gas, internet). After this was done we bought something to eat for dinner and breakfast. Then we went to bed. After 30 hours without any sleep tiredness came up..