29th May - The Journey begins!

Today at 01:05 PM CET the flight SU122 of Aeroflot takes off from Terminal 1 of the Munich Airport towards east. On board are two highly motivated and adventurous students from the 11th grade of the “Scheiner”: Helene Müller & Linus Dietz. After about three hours flight the plane will land in Moscow, Sheremetyevo and they will meet Helene’’s uncle. Four hours later the next plane will take us to Rostov, where we’‘ll arrive at about midnight and get picked u by Людмила А. Свешникова. Until this point of time everything is arranged like the Germans are used to plan their events. Everything following will be new for us, so we have to get used to it, wich surely will cost us a great amount of adaptability and flexibility.
“Will the Journey to the last corner of Europe (Taganrog is about 120km away from the Manych Depression wich is rated as the border between Europe and Asia) run smoothly?”
“Wich kind of problems can occur in the foreign country?”
“What about the financial crisis in Russia? How do the different neighbour countries of the ” Black Sea Chamber of Industry and Commerce” cooperate?”
“Wich companies are we going to visit?”

Many questions we cant answer yet, but we will do our best to answer them all within the next three weeks.

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