19th June - The last day

Its over! Pity, because if we had more work, I could have imagined a longer stay here. Today we got our internship certifications from the director of the institute. After a pleasant chat with Director S. J. Awakow we had the day for free disposal. I went once more to the sea, but not for long, because of the quite strong wind. After that I started to pack. Surprisingly fast everything was in my suitcase and we could go for a last walk with Andrej in the city and in the town park.

Helene just lay down to sleep, but I have no understanding to stand up at 2:30 am again. So I delectate myself by watching TV and writing mails. Unfortunately the internet is ineffable slow, so I cant access any homepage. Now I will only pack the remaining stuff and get ready for the journey. Conclusion and photos are coming „soon“.

Goodbye in Germany, goodbye at the Scheiner!

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