Monday, 15th June – The University

Stay flexible! This most important rule had observed one more today, becaue we didnt go to LEMAX (seems like there wa a communication problem), but took a detailed round trip though the university. So we visited the faculties and the chairs: We started with the „premium chairs“, administration and managment in the main building. After this we had a short view in the math chair and went though beautilful and wide hallways to the dean office, where the vice-dean told us many things about chances in the Russian economy after studying. I wont retell all the reports of the professors we met, because they were quite equal and all praising speeches for the university „Honor to whom honor is due“ The system is like the german, after four year the students gain the bachelor, after five the „specialist“ and after six years the master. Most of the Taganrog students are very sucessful in working life, they work at the top of Russian companies and even in the Duma. The contact between the institute and the former students often remains, because of the ffact, that the institute looks for jobs for the most graduates. After a short lunch break we coninued the visit with the judicial and the informatics faculty in the side building. Again I cant say anything special, the technical facility was good, pictures will follow... After the round trip we went to the german lesson, but again only two students showed up and we watched a regional studies movie.

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