The Weekend of the Caldendar Week 24, 12th - 15th June

The last three days can be summed up as „active resting“: Sleeping in a long time, spending the forenoon with reading books/internet articles, and always doing something else in the afternoon: On Friday, the Day of Russia was a concert in the central park. In the evening we were, as it’’s courtesy for young people in Russia, out for long in the streets and in the parks. A small highlight here was the „Wodka Putinka“, named after the recent Russian Prime Minister W. Putin. On Saturday afternoon I went to the sea, and swam quite a long distance in the Taganrog Bay. Beyond the „alga-belt“, is the water a bit more clear, and its possible to swim there very well. Nevertheless it’’s not recommended to swim out too far, because there are some mad jetski and motorboat drivers out there. In the night we visited the biggest discotheque of the city. During day an open air bath, it’’s every eveningconverted into a disco, and the Russians visit it in masses although the high price of 250 Rubel. On our way home we could watch the sunset on the sea, but sadly effect was impaired by some clouds. Consequently we slept until noon and didn’‘t do anything productive for the rest of the day except listening to music, chatting, reading and surfing in the internet => shopping for boys :)

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