Thursday, 11th June – In the University

Today we didnt go to work, but two times to the university: The first German lesson was at 10 am in a beginner class. We held reports about our city and the Scheiner, and told the students some facts in small groups about German entreprises. After the lesson Ludmila Alekseevna showed us the University. A special highlight was the criminalistic collection, which impressed us e.g with a great amount of murder weapons. After this we had spare time, which I used to inform myself about the world. Besides the speech of Barck Obama in Cairo a special highlight was for me the act of Wladimir Putin in Pikaljowo (thats 250km away from Petersburg). He forced the owner of a cement plant to deliver the cement below the market price. Thats absolutely against every rule of the free market economy, but in Russia the most people celebrated this decicison. Read the complete article from the 6th June at “Absolut sowjetisch”

At 15:50 the second German lesson took part, but unfortunately only two pupil came. According to the topic regional studies we watched a movie about the east of Germany. In the evening we were out for long with Stas, Andrej, Kolja, Schenja and some more and celebrated into the national day of Russia.

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