10th June – Strawberries & soccer

Today I hadnt anything to do, but it wasnt boring at all. After 20 Minutes in work, I went to the break room and ate a piece of wedding cake (Today a employee marrried) with Sergej . After this we drove with Swetlana to a strawberry plantation 20 km from Tagangrog, where we purchased about 10 kg strawberries for the whole enterprise. This took quite much time, so we came back in the lunch break. For lunch of course we ate delicious strawberries! A nice finish for my internship here, because it was my last working day in the Chamber. Tomorrow we are in the Institute, on Friday its Russia Day (On the 12th June 1990 the Russian parliament declared its sovereignty), and on monday our internship at Lemaks starts.

In the evening Andrej and Stas came again, and we watched the World Cup qualifier between Russia and Finland. At all not a very special match, especially in the first half both teams weren’‘t concentrated. In the end the Russian players used their chances and deservedly won the match with 3-0. The goals were scored by Alexander Kerzhakov (23rd und 54th minute) und Konstantin Zyryanov (71st). With this result Russia has now 15 points, and is only one point behind Germany.

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