Sunday, the 7th June – German Culture in Taganrog!

Today there was a big surprise for me: After we slept in long, we got collected by Katja and driven to the „German Russian House“. The organisation of the German-Russian “Wiedergeburt-T” welcomed us and an other German family with a gigantic table of cake, sweets, pancakes, coffee and tea. They performed us a Russian story in German and sang some Russian and German songs (which we didnt know) and talked to us in a really proper German. Somehow the German teacher (she also teaches at the institute) manages to make the German language palatable to the schoolgirls (Russian boys doesnt seem to be interested in the language), so we could conversate without problems. Since this society is organised on volunteer work, and I’‘m also active in the volunteering (Evang. Jugend), I will stay in contact with Julia Pashchenko, the president of the society, since she wants to know something about volunteer(youth work) in Germany. If possible, she will visit us in Ingolstadt during her project “Werdegang der Sozialen Arbeit in Deutschland” in Koblenz (Oktober 2009)

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